On 64th birthday, Mayawati unveils latest volume of 'Mera Sangharshmay Jeevan ka Safarnama'; attacks BJP, Cong

Slamming that the Congress,'' Mayawati reported the Congress had no moral authority to criticize BJP about the problem of corruption as the Congress regimes experienced found corruption trademark a all time high.

Mayawati also explained it had been erroneous to mention the BSP hadn't compared the change from Treaty legislation.   The BSP was first to ever oppose regulations however we achieved it all at a calm fashion," she included.
She stated that her celebration felt the CAA was divisive in character along with inhabiting an individual area.
Even the BSP president stated that as not one of the additional celebrations had been concerned with Dalits, the BSP had chose never to combine every different government in the Centre despite the fact that it was awarded a present.  She stated the BSP experienced expanded just issue-based service to fundamental govt in federal pursuits.
Mayawati reported that each portion of culture has been troubled and angry within the prevailing position within the nation, for instance, financial downturn.  She stated that demonetization, GST along with other financial conclusions experienced spelt distress because of its inferior.
 The publication summarizes those events and activities of this BSP and can be published each calendar year about the celebration president birthday.

Addressing a media conference to her birthday, Mayawati mounting assault on the BJP as well as the Congress and blamed the two parties to its plight of the usual person.
Mayawati reported the BJP governments in the center and also at Uttar Pradesh had neglected to deal with issues of this inferior.  She remarked the BJP has been shielding the passions of this rich whilst the inferior, notably those marginalized segments of society have been ignored.
She stated that she'd led all BSP personnel to widen all potential assistance on Dalits in the event of her birthday that will be being renowned because'Jan Kalyan Diwas'.

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